All photography provided by Captain's Club Staff

Since 1992, we have led the effort to provide foster children in Hawaii with a sailing adventure.


Who We Are

Captain's Club was created by and continues under the guidance of Captain Gordie Morris who has twice received the "Outstanding Advocate for Children and Youth" award presented by the Governor of Hawaii (1996 & 2003). Mentors and crew are volunteers cleared through the Children's Justice Center. A volunteer Board of Directors oversees the program's operation. The results of these advocacy efforts are carried inside the over 2,500 youth who have already been given this opportunity.


Alessandra Jann-Jordan, MSW


  • Gordie Morris                        Chair
  • Michael Taylor                      Vice Chair
  • Rich Marshall                        Treasurer
  • Alessandra Jann-Jordan          Director


Focusing on foster and at-risk youth, ages 10 through 16, Captain's Club recruits through numerous agencies in the community both private and State operated. Starting off as a team in an alien environment, each youth is on a level playing field. You can see excitement build on their faces as a youth is given the helm of the ship with the final words from the Captain being, "Okay, you got it." Initial shock turns into "I can do this, I can really do this!"  Confidence, which is carried back onto land, helps them steer through the next challenge these youths will face. These positive results have been witnessed repeatedly by guardians, parents, and social workers.

Captains club has been a huge plus in the children’s confidence!
I know that the accumulation of positive experiences such as these will heal & help them grow into the amazing people that they deserve to be!
— Faye Ross, Parent of Graduate from April 2015 Mates Achievement Program