Here's just a small sampling of the treasures we've learned in our sailing course and at sea.


This program covers knowledge of ocean safety, basic sailing skills, and teamwork development.  Snacks are served on each sail. Revised in 2006, this program previously was called the "Intro to Sailing" program.

There are twelve sections to cover during the Mates Achievement Program Course. Upon completion of the required sections new mates are awarded a "Certificate of Achievement" during a graduation ceremony enjoyed by all!

Access the Sailing Manual here currently being edited and updated, stay tuned for new version.

 "MATES" Program:

Certified mates who have graduated from the "Mates Achievement " program are welcomed back to continue their sailing experience during the Mates Program. During two-hour sails, dialog between mates and mentors continues building positive attitudes, friendships, and occasionally close encounters with all sorts of marine wildlife. Snack time is always looked forward to as all gather in the cockpit to laugh and eat!


"A good attitude and desire to have fun."

(No fees are charged to children's family.)

Achievement and awards for College

Achievement and awards for College

Learning knots and names of parts of boats, On-shore

Captains Club Hawaii Knot Class

Doing teamwork and sailing the craft

Captains Club Hawaii Ropes

Learning that the adventure is the destination