The Course We've Charted (Our Mission)

"Enhance the child's self image by learning and experiencing life at sea."


Focusing on foster children ages 10 through 16, Captain's Club recruits through numerous agencies in the community both private and State operated. Starting off as a team in an alien environment, each youth is on a level playing field.

You can see excitement build on the faces of the Mates as dock lines are handed and quickly stowed. As the boat departs the slip, the helmsman (an assigned youth) is given the wheel with the Captain's instructions, "Okay you have the helm, take us sailing." Initial shock turns into "I can do this, I can really do this!"

As the boat maneuvers out of the harbor to the open sea under the watchful eyes of the captain and crew the rest of the mates jump to the commands, all hands to stations, bow to the wind, prepare to set sails, fair the halyards, ready all sheets, haul away the main, haul away the jib, make fast the lines. Helmsman, bring us to close-hauled on the port tack. The boat calms and settles on her course. The Mates combined sense of pride is palpable and their confidence gained is carried back onto land to help them steer through the next challenge these youth will face. These positive results have been witnessed repeatedly by guardians, parents, and social workers.


All photography provided by Captain's Club Staff



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